What’s Behind the Brand?

The name, “NEXT LEAP STRATEGY” came from observing and experiencing first-hand how businesses transition across stages of growth as they scale and mature.

As businesses grow and their buyers and markets evolve, they encounter breakpoints. It is during these breakpoints when the business’ leadership must identify and develop new skills, design and implement new marketing and sales strategies, enter new markets or dig deeper into existing ones, and/or build more formal and scalable processes, and systems to successfully make the “NEXT LEAP” to continual growth.

I personally encountered these breakpoints during various roles in my career both as an entrepreneur and as a marketing executive at a privately-held, fast-growing B2B company. Initially I encountered these breakpoints while working with more than 50 SMBs as a digital marketing consultant from 1999 through 2008.

More recently (2008-2015) I had an even more immersive experience as an early-hire executive and Vice President of Marketing and Content for a B2B company called iNET Interactive. The iNET team grew the business exponentially being recognized as an INC 5000 (fastest-growing, privately-held company in the U.S.) company for seven-consecutive years, a Fast 55 company for six and a Best Places to Work finalist multiple times. We were acquired in 2015.

Not only did the company have to make multiple “next leaps” to maintain fast growth but personally I had to make numerous “leaps” as well. Over the course of seven years, I had to develop new skills, processes, systems and strategies to build a high performance marketing , editorial and product team (went from 0 to 18 plus more than 100 community volunteers), integrate eight companies we acquired across multiple industries, expanded into producing 23+ events per year, grew 19 web media properties, launched multiple paid membership programs, developed 30+ educational programs for multiple large conferences. launched a B2B demand generation program and built a product management team. Each “leap” was a struggle but I landed each time with greater confidence and superior results.

Next Leap Strategy also means something else specifically to CEOs and their leadership teams that I work with. A “next leap” implies a jump into the unknown. It can be stressful and possibly frightening. It’s fraught with risk. After all, you or your company may not make it across to the new level of growth. However, in many cases, the risk of standing still may be greater than the risk associated with change.

Fortunately - Next Leap Strategy will help guide you. I’ve stressed, I’ve panicked. And I made it across each stage of growth to scale a business. I have helped many other SMEs develop high performance results. Although every business is different; the fundamental principles of growth are similar. We’re here to guide you and help you take your next leap.

About Kevin Gold

Kevin Gold scaled his marketing executive role as the business scaled. Eventually generating more than $6.5 million in marketing-earned revenue through paid memberships, paid event attendance and self-serve advertising while supporting another $10M+ in sales-directed revenue through B2B marketing, audience development and program management. Kevin built and led high performance teams including product management, corporate and product marketing, and editorial and user-generated content. After the acquisition of iNET Interactive, Kevin remained at Penton Media as VP of Marketing and Brand Leader. He left Penton to form Next Leap Strategy with the purpose of helping B2B tech and industrial companies grow.

Prior to this rewarding and professional growth experience, Kevin operated a digital marketing consultancy from 2003 to 2008 focused on SEM/SEO, conversion rate optimization, landing page development and email marketing. A speaker at multiple industry conferences, author of many thought leader articles and referenced within prominent SME business publications. Since 1995, Kevin has served in multiple market strategy, product marketing, sales, business development, and project management roles within technology start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. He has an MBA from Xavier University and graduated Summa Cum Laude and Honors Scholar from Thomas More College.

What Makes Next Leap Strategy Different?

We listen. We aggressively learn. We deliberately act in your best interest. We actively engage and collaborate with you and your leadership team to guide you through your toughest B2B growth challenges. We aim to become your trusted advisor and an accountable steward of your business.

It’s better to hear how our clients have described us:

"Next Leap Strategy knows B2B inbound marketing. I was really impressed by how quickly they identified our market and audience needs. Like a Swiss army knife, they expertly executed an integrated lead generation plan that spanned across new marketing infrastructure, updated website, improved email and content marketing and SEM/SEO strategies to build out our marketing funnel. Next Leap Strategy not only advises but ENABLES businesses to achieve growth." -- C. Powell, CEO - Talmetrix

"Kevin is an exceptional marketer and business leader. He keenly understands how to generate demand, measure results through smart KPIs and optimize for returns. He built and developed an outstanding marketing team while at iNET Interactive. In addition to solid marketing skills and strong business leadership, Kevin is a passionate, enthusiastic executive who focuses on delivering high quality and coaching his team to superior results." -- S.Veith, Market Leader, VP and Publisher, International B2B Media Co.

“We were seriously considering the acquisition of an SEO-intensive business but due to our lack of experience in this arena we had no idea how to thoroughly diligence the company. Next Leap Strategy helped us get smarter on SEO in a short space of time so that we knew what questions to ask the business owners and what risks were out there. Kevin delivered to us a great overview of the company's SEO assets. He confirmed the value of the company's website, but also pointed out risks that we needed to be mindful of. In addition, Kevin helped us understand what about the website we would need to improve in the event of an acquisition. Kevin came highly recommended by a very well-respected colleague. This colleague owns successful, SEO-intensive businesses so we knew that his opinion was meaningful.”
-- B. Collins, Managing Partner – West Sands Partners

“I had the opportunity to work with Kevin at iNET Interactive as well as today at my new company, D2C Brands, Kevin’s extensive marketing background is complemented by a well-rounded business sense. He is able to see the bigger picture of how marketing strategies and tactics can impact the overall business. Kevin effectively managed his team and produced results that achieved our goals. It was a true pleasure to work with Kevin and I hope I have the opportunity work with him again. I would enthusiastically recommend him.”
-- M. Sancrant - Co-Founder, VP Corporate Development -- D2C Brands

“Kevin possess a rare blend of leadership and deep subject matter expertise. In my time with Kevin, I saw him build multiple high performing teams - this included building an organization from scratch, hiring the right talent, mentoring team members and more. Not only is he a great leader but he also delivers results. Time and time again, Kevin consistently met (and exceeded) his corporate goals. Without a doubt, Kevin is the person you want leading your team.”
-- Andy Body, Program Director -- IBM Watson