Inform, Enable and Equip You For Growth

What are your greatest B2B marketing and sales challenges? What are your most pressing goals? What’s preventing you from growing your sales?

If you’d like help breaking through these obstacles and accelerating towards your goals, you’ll want to contact us.

Some of the more common statements we’re called in to help CEOs and their sales and marketing teams are:

  • “We’re not growing fast enough”
  • “We’re falling behind our competition adapting to digital”
  • “We’re not getting enough good leads”
  • “We’re spending money on marketing but getting little results”
  • “Our market is so saturated it’s tough to compete on anything but price”

Why Hire Next Leap Strategy?

We think you’ll want to use us because we’re a one-stop shop for a B2B growth and acquisition marketing for technology and industrial companies. When it comes to finding a B2B growth consultant, you don’t want someone who only has one tactic in their toolbox. You also don’t want a cookie-cutter approach applied to your business’ unique dynamics. You want a trusted advisor who sees the big picture and can fit the most important parts together to make things happen.

Let’s take it a step further. You’ll want to hire us because:

  1. We’re strategists AND executors. Without a strategy, execution is aimless and without execution, a strategy is useless. We connect the dots between strategy and execution to ensure that what is planned gets implemented to achieve your stated objectives. Plus, we believe in giving you visibility into our performance and your results with ROI reporting.
  2. We’re process-oriented. Unlike a lot of experts and agencies, we never enter into an engagement with a fixed solution in mind. Every situation is unique and requires someone who’s willing to actively listen and pay attention—and then help work through a process to solve your challenges and drive towards your goals. Since you and your business are unique, you deserve a unique solution that fits you, your team, and your situation.
  3. We’re results-driven. Everything we do is focused on achieving remarkable results for you. You don’t need more activity; you need more results. We’re pretty sure that you really don’t care about three-ring binders full of data either. And clearly, you don’t really want more website visitors if they aren’t converting into sales leads or customers. What you want are results–as fast as possible–which is why we’re always focused on results.
  4. We’re co-creators. While some consultants and agencies start from the assumption that they know more than their clients do, we start from a different perspective. We assume you know your business and market best. That doesn’t mean we don’t have experiences to share and ideas to contribute; rather, it means that we prefer to focus our time and energies on listening first and then working with you through a process that co-creates the best solution to achieve your objectives.
  5. We’re specialists in digital but grounded in marketing and sales principles. We’re led by a veteran B2B marketer with more than 18 years experience in acquisition (digital) marketing AND business growth leadership, working with more than 50 different companies and across many, many different markets. Most recently, he scaled the marketing and content team of a multi-million dollar business from the ground up and through an exit. He inherently understands the challenges and barriers (and the solutions) of B2B growth.
  6. We’re a value-investment. Simply stated – we don’t charge by the hour. When we work with you to define the program, we’ll provide a clear fixed investment. No sudden over-runs or variable pricing that wipes out your budget. No surprises. We’re also flexible. We’ll lay out a scope in stages with checkpoints along the way, if it’s appropriate, that maps to your organization’s pace. We’ll go fast or slow – whatever is best suited for your culture and the program we agree to pursue to achieve your objectives.
  7. We’re listeners. OK, admittedly this sounds foo-fooey. But when we ask clients why they chose us versus other competitors, besides expertise and experience, we also hear, “you actively listened and proved that you understood OUR business and stated objectives.”  It’s surprising that this is a differentiator but I guess many consultants and agencies have a hard time listening.

Customer Acquisition Programs from Next Leap Strategy

Always laser-focused on Acquisition Marketing and Sales Growth, we deliver multiple programs that best fit your preference for time, budget, team skill-set and challenges to solve.

Hands-on Workshops to Build a Customer Acquisition Program

Business leaders often leverage our experience, systems, and processes by having their marketing and sales teams attend a Customer Acquisition Acceleration Bootcamp. This hands-on workshop is either a modified one-day or comprehensive multi-day intensive. The workshop focuses on implementing our customer acquisition framework to help teams step-by-step on how to implement an effective customer acquisition program.  Learn more about our Customer Acquisition Workshop. 

Market Strategy (Develop and Execute)

If you want hands-on acquisition marketing in which we take the reins to develop and execute your customer acquisition program then our Market Strategy program is right for you. We’ll plan and implement the customer acquisition framework, in whole or in part, depending on your current situation. This means we’re heavily engaged in generating more awareness, more qualified leads and ultimately more sales.

In this capacity, we provide a full-service marketing team aimed at driving real results through customer marketing. Or, we could lessen the capacity and simply compliment your marketing team to take on only part of the customer acquisition program, say a marketing channel or nurturing programs, and make it exceptional. Learn more about our customer acquisition marketing program.

Digital Transformation (moving to modern marketing)

B2B buying behavior has changed. Transitioning to a digital-first, modern marketing approach closes the gap with your buyer. We’ll help your sales and marketing teams implement an effective customer acquisition program whether inbound, outbound or account-based marketing that best fits your market, target audience, budget and capabilities. 

Read these articles to learn more about inbound, outbound or account-based marketing, or a modified account-based marketing program for less-techy companies. Or learn more about our Digital Transformation program.

Lead Generation (hold on for hyper-growth)

If you’re a B2B company further down the maturity path with customer acquisition and have growth infrastructure in place, then consider our Business Growth Acceleration program. This program guarantees the delivery of sales-ready leads to meet your team’s sales quotas and revenue targets.

As you know, today’s technology and industrial buyers decide when and where they want to engage with prospective solution providers. We can make sure you’re there when they are, giving them what they need to say “yes” faster, so your sales pipeline grows and gets stronger.

With this B2B growth acceleration program, we leverage buyer insights to develop a full picture of the problems your buyers are trying to solve and help you engage them better using deep understanding of their buying behaviors. We help you nurture leads from any source and you get new qualified leads so that you drive more revenue from your pipeline. We’ll work with you as an extension of your sales and marketing team. We’ll leverage your existing content assets (or create custom ones for you) to engage buyers and drive new sales-ready leads. 

Learn more about our Lead Generation program.

If you don’t know where to begin, contact us and we’ll listen to your marketing and sales challenges and walk-through solutions to greater results.  Or call us at 513.601.8893.