Start With Your Buyer

Next Leap Strategy approaches every market with a “buyer-first” methodology. By gaining insights into your buyer and what jobs they seek to perform as well as the challenges and goals they have with serving in their role, we can help B2B companies create powerful  marketing and sales strategies. Further, this methodology helps us find points of difference that enable our clients to compete in competitive markets and move beyond price and product commoditization where customer experience defines the competitive advantage.

If you have time (entire video is 36 minutes long), here is a video that goes deep into the buyer-first methodology. This presentation was originally presented at WordCamp Cincinnati 2017.  

Becoming Buyer-First to Drive Customer Acquisition

If you don’t have time, here’s a quick, high-level diagram of our  Customer Acquisition Framework:

Let us guide you in becoming buyer-first and building an effective customer acquisition program. We’ll work with you to conduct the research and gain the insights about your buyers and build them into effective sales and marketing strategies. Learn more about the Customer Acquisition Framework.

Already feel like you have a solid grasp on knowing your buyers? Great – let’s start where you are now and execute the rest of the framework. Contact us and we’ll begin working through a process of determining how to best tackle your best opportunities to grow revenue better, faster. Or, view our other B2B growth programs.