Sales Pipeline Acceleration When You Need It

When your pipeline is ready – we have the solution to accelerate your business growth. We pull together your buyer insights, personas and content strategies to move your demand generation into hyper-speed. Whether you’re targeting top of the funnel leads, middle of the funnel prospects or bottom of the funnel “sales ready leads”, we’ll help you accelerate your pipeline to serve the demands of your sales leadership. The solution may include:

  • Marketing funnel development (integration of marketing automation and CRM)
  • Lead Nurture and Management
  • Demand Generation
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Content Syndication

How Do We Accelerate?

We leverage your existing content marketing assets (or we’ll create custom content for you) like white papers, ebooks, and case studies and syndicate them across a network of more than 22 million technology and industrial decision makers and influencers. By analyzing your content performance, we gain clarification on what your buyers are looking for most and help you target the best qualified buyers for your business offering.

Our Accelerate Program delivers:

  1. Guaranteed lead volume as required for specific buyer campaigns— and your sales leadership—at the top, middle and/or bottom of the funnel.
  2. Prioritized, segmented lists of names. Marketers can provide sales with sales-ready leads (e.g., names that completed multiple touches in the near term.) Any names that don’t reach sales-ready status can be placed in nurture program to ensure a continual and robust pipeline. These programs target IT and Industrial decision-makers and influencers.
  3. Detailed, validated engagement data. Lead data includes demographics, content usage, buying timeframe when it’s available for every name delivered.

If you are ready to accelerate – we’re ready to GET YOU RESULTS.

Contact Us by completing this brief form or call us at 513.601.8893.  We are ready to accelerate your results.