Consulting Focused On Your Business’ Growth

The B2B growth consulting program focuses first on clearly understanding your objectives and desired outcomes. We collaborate with you and your team to assess what’s happening now and what barriers exist keeping you from achieving your desired outcomes. Before we can design an effective acquisition marketing and growth program, we must understand your current situation. Following a general assessment (typically one meeting), we’ll develop a scope of work.

The resulting scope of work covers four primary areas:

  1. Inform: we help you cut through the noise to uncover the 20% of the effort to achieve 80% of the results.
  2. Educate: we help you and your team get up to speed on what matters and why related to customer acquisition.
  3. Equip: we help identify the tools and expertise needed to achieve your desired outcomes.
  4. Enable: the bulk of our time is spent helping you develop and execute an effective acquisition marketing and growth programs. Depending on the final scope of work, these activities could encompass only a few or many of the elements connected with the customer acquisition framework. The focus though is always laser-targeted on achieving your desired outcomes.

When to Consider Working with Next Leap Strategy?

A sampling of times when you should consider contacting us for a B2B growth consulting program are…

  • Craft a B2B go-to-market strategy for new market entry or to penetrate deeper into your existing customer base
  • Troubleshoot (and fix) sales pipeline challenges (few opportunities in the pipeline, long sales cycles, low closed/won conversions)
  • Identify key triggers that engage interest from more of your target buyers
  • Better articulate your brand message to differentiate from your competitors
  • Build a customer acquisition growth engine for an early-stage B2B (SaaS) start-up

We have more than 18 years of experience across B2B acquisition marketing and growth. We’re experts in customer acquisition through leveraging digital marketing strategies including paid search (e.g. Google AdWords), social networks (e.g. LinkedIn), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, conversion rate optimization, account-based targeting. content marketing, lead nurturing, inbound marketing,  and remarketing. We also have experience with traditional (offline) efforts including events/trade shows, direct mail and consultative selling.  Putting that all together with marketing technology and we’re incredibly well-positioned to conduct highly effective account-based marketing (ABM). But what matters most isn’t which marketing channels are available, it’s about which ones will most effectively achieve your specific goals.

How Does the Process Start?

Since we’re a process-oriented company, we prefer to start with you and what you want to achieve. As we seek to clarify what that means for you, we’ll help you define your objectives, success measures and scope of work required to achieve them.

We’re NOT AN AGENCY.  Our B2B growth consulting program provides “central command” to control and direct activities that connect the dots across your marketing and sales processes. We may help you engage with third-party providers and will work to keep them on -schedule, focused on measureable objectives and working hard to drive results. We’re best defined as a consultancy that rolls-up its shelves to get the right work done that delivers results for your business.

Once we’ve agreed on the objectives, measures and scope, we’ll provide you with a proposal. If you’re in agreement, we sign and promptly move forward to develop and execute

You Want Growth, We’ll Deliver

Ultimately – WE GET RESULTS. Contact Us by completing this brief form.  Let us prove ourselves in the results we achieve for you.