Learning Translated Into Rapid Action

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.” [Jack Welch, former GE CEO]

If you have an in-house marketing and/or sales team but they’re missing some modern digital skills and/or an operational framework to plan and execute from, then our workshops are perfect for you and your team.  We offer multiple workshops including:

  • Customer Acquisition Bootcamp
  • Becoming Buyer-First: From Product-centric to Buyer-centric
  • Brand Communications for Clarity, Engagement and Differentiation

Each of these workshops vary in length from a half-day to two full-days and focus on core areas of business growth.

What is the Customer Acquisition Bootcamp?

The Customer Acquisition Bootcamp is a two, full-day program that focuses on building an effective system for finding your next customers. It’s designed to align your marketing and sales teams on a shared approach to generating and closing more business.  Specific challenges this workshop aims to overcome include:

  • “We’re not growing fast enough”
  • “We’re falling behind our competition with adapting to digital marketing”
  • “We need to grow revenue more”
  • “We’re not getting enough good leads”

The Customer Acquisition Bootcamp is pragmatic , simple and immediately actionable.  Along with 12-hours of immersive content, it also includes workbooks and tools including a customer acquisition calculator, to help your team understand their metrics and how to define success. If you’re interested in the Customer Acquisition Bootcamp, please fill out the Contact Us form. We can deliver this workshop to teams of five up to 25.

The Bootcamp really helped me think differently and provide a road map to make a complex topic digestible so that we can take action.” — C. Dalmagne-Rouge, Ascenion Innovations

Learn more about this intensive, hands-on bootcamp.

What is the Becoming Buyer-First Workshop?

The Becoming Buyer-First workshop is a half-day program that walks through, step-by-step, the process for engaging your teams, reaching out to current customers and implementing other low-budget, yet highly effective research strategies to gain greater insights into your prospective buyers. Further, the workshop sets your team up for taking these new buyer insights and working them into your brand communications so your messaging is more relevant to your intended buyers. Specific challenges this workshop aims to overcome include:

  • “Our market is so saturated it’s tough to compete on anything but price”
  • “Our prospects are confused on what we are selling”
  • “We’re not getting enough good leads”

The Becoming Buyer-First Workshop is practical, hands-on and immediately actionable.  Your team will walk-away with the steps and tools required to gain greater insights about your buyers.  Check out the “Becoming Buyer-First” video for a first-hand account of this workshop. Want to learn more, get details here. If you’re interested in this workshop, please fill out the Contact Us form.

What is the Brand Communication Workshop?

The Brand Communication workshop is a full-day program and guides your team through implementing your message platform (value proposition, points of difference, core messaging.) Although messaging is at the core of many marketing and sales challenges, this workshop targets some specific ones including:

  • “We’re struggling to close sales”
  • “Our sales team is spinning their wheels trying to close deals faster”
  • “We are not attracting enough buyers”
  • “We aren’t getting enough qualified leads”

We’ll facilitate the process with your team (from 3 to 15) and provide the guidance and tools necessary to build a solid brand communications foundation. Learn more about this workshop.

We’ll Help Your Team Achieve Results

The goal of these workshops is to educate, enable and equip your team with the knowledge and tools to rapidly translate the  learning into action.

If any of these sound of value to you and your business, contact us and we’ll discuss further details on why, what and how.