63% of CEOs see rallying their organizations around the customer as one of the top three investment priorities this year, according to PWC.

And it makes why.

“Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable compared to companies that are not focused on the customer,” (source: eConsultancy.com.)

Today’s modern buyer carries more power than ever before. The proliferation of choice, technology advances and more readily available and accessible information, buyers are setting the pace and determining the criteria for when and how to buy.

Yet many companies remain, whether subconsciously or not, product or seller focused. The outcomes of such are evident – greater pressure on pricing, longer sales cycles, and more effort for fewer results.

The companies excelling in the changing buying environment are those with a purpose-led focus for serving their buyers.

Here are four easier ways to better understand your target buyer:

  • Customer interviews
  • Talk internally with sales and customer success
  • Research your target buyer activities on LinkedIn
  • Perform a sales engagement analysis
  • Conduct a Win/Loss analysis