52% of B2B companies consider “extending marketing’s influence across the buying journey” as a top priority, per a new study by Madison Logic & Demand Gen Report.  

Other key B2B priorities were:

  1. analyzing & understanding attribution metrics on account-based ROI
  2. Measuring & understanding specific account engagement

These priorities skew towards account-based marketing (ABM) which requires marketing & sales to align closely across the buyer’s journey.

Below are a number of marketing metrics that can help create alignment & target what matters for the C-suite. However, all require attribution and, at minimum, campaign & conversion tracking via marketing & sales automation.  

  • % Marketing generated sales
  • Incremental revenue
  • Funnel and pipeline conversion rates
  • New accounts engaged from ideal customer profile targets

For many B2B companies, especially those in traditional industries like industrial manufacturing, these metrics are beyond current capabilities. Many aren’t measuring beyond website visitors, lead counts & sales. Some have not yet invested in a CRM let alone automation.

The best approach for setting metrics is to simply work backward from a successful closed/won outcome. It will help identify the metrics & reporting to clearly showcase marketing’s impact on closed business.