Generating high-quality leads is the number-one challenge for B2B marketers.” [source: (IDG Enterprises]

This statement begs interpretation, the least of which is how one defines “high quality.”

  • Are marketers not engaging the right audience?
  • Are they not converting qualified leads into “higher quality” opportunities (SRLs)?
  • Who’s assigning quality?
  • What’re the criteria?

Generating “high-quality” leads, whether top or middle of the funnel, needs a measurable process. After all, buyers are working through their buying journey in a non-linear fashion. A poor quality lead (depending on your quality criteria) today could become a high-quality one a month or later.

Demand generation is multiple activities, connected together, and served across the buyer’s journey. Developed on buyer insights, serving buyer personas, and established to engage through relevant, high-value exchanges. It is an end-to-end process that as buyers are engaging, they trigger a continuation of new events which progresses them deeper into their purchasing stages.   

If you feel that your #1 challenge is generating high-quality leads, be sure to specifically define what this means based on what is revealing it. There are plenty of solutions if you know where the pain is being felt.  

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