90% of buyers say they never respond to cold outreach (Harvard Business Review via IDG post.)

Take this stat with “grain of salt” but don’t outright dismiss it.

I think the success rate of cold outreach may vary by market among other variables. Plus how do you define “cold”? If you are an entirely new startup with no brand recognition – OK. But a recognized brand? Not so “cold” really.

But research shows that much of the positive results gained through outbound occurs because of effective preparation & planning beforehand. These activities may include:

  •  Defining your ideal customer profile to uncover which companies recognize the pain you solve & possess an urgency to fix it.
  • Identifying your buyers’ measures of success & barriers to achieving it.
  • Articulating (and testing) your messaging to specifically capture the value statements that best resonate with your prospective buyers.

For outbound to work even better (or to improve the probability of it working) it’s also ideal to have continual “air coverage” via PR, content marketing, speaking at relevant conferences, participating on LinkedIn in relevant groups, etc. A simple recognition of your brand and a favorable association with it could tilt the scale for a successful “cold” outreach.