Our clients expect results. And we expect to get results for our clients. We deliver. Below are highlights of some of our results across industries and different business models.

Led Marketing Team to Achieve 10X Growth Over 7 Years

As executive leading marketing and content, helped B2B company achieve 10X growth including recognition as an Inc. 5000 company for seven consecutive years and a Cincinnati Business Courier’s “Fast 55” company for sixth consecutive years. The company was acquired in January 2015.

Grew Paid SaaS Subscribers by 122% Over 4 Months

“The team was able to make an immediate impact to my business using this system. We had already crafted our brand, value proposition and knew our target market, but they quickly developed an agile plan and began to demonstrate results with an extremely limited marketing budget. This system would help any business, but is a must-have for small businesses trying to compete with limited budgets.” T. Sinclair, CEO – RINGR

19% YoY Paid Attendance Revenue Growth for Million Dollar B2B Conference

Generated 18%+ YOY attendee registration revenue growth ($2,000+ avg. ticket sale) for multiple, large (1,000+ attendees) conferences and trade shows; largest event following acquisition experienced attendee revenue growth of more than 37% for first two years

Alleviated Investment Risk by Uncovering Digital Marketing Issues

We were seriously considering the acquisition of an SEO-intensive business but due to our lack of experience in this arena we had no idea how to thoroughly diligence the company. Next Leap Strategy helped us get smarter on SEO in a short space of time so that we knew what questions to ask the business owners and what risks were out there. Kevin delivered to us a great overview of the company’s SEO assets. He confirmed the value of the company’s website, but also pointed out risks that we needed to be mindful of. In addition, Kevin helped us understand what about the website we would need to improve in the event of an acquisition. Kevin came highly recommended by a very well-respected colleague. This colleague owns successful, SEO-intensive businesses so we knew that his opinion was meaningful. — BRITTANY R. COLLINS, MANAGING PARTNER – West Sands Partners

4X Increase of Visitor-to-Qualified Lead Conversion in Highly Competitive Market

In a highly competitive and heavily saturated market, we increased AdWords and Bing paid search campaign conversions, through creating, testing and optimizing landing pages, by more than 400% over the client’s previous paid search performance. This lowered the cost per sale and generated substantially ROAS on the client’s paid search investment.

293% Increase in New MarTech Revenue

Led selection and integration project of company’s first Email Service Provider (ExactTarget) resulting in new email marketing revenue growth of 293% during first full year post-implementation. This resulted in incremental revenue and a quicker ROI on the marketing tech investment.

104% Increase in Qualified B2B Prospects

For a B2B client, we redesigned their demand generation strategy, created a message platform (based on the ‘buyer-first’ approach) and implemented website conversion best practices to generate exceptional results at a 104% increase in qualified prospects. The conversion rate increased reduced the cost per lead and led to a Customer acquisition cost (CAC) within the client’s target range.

Launched New Product Driving $1 Million in Incremental Revenue

Developed and led Product Marketing and Management efforts from identifying product positioning, brand messaging, market requirements, target personas and “go to market” strategy that resulted in generating in excess of $1 million in incremental revenue for a B2B self-serve advertising product.

Achieved $500K+ Increase in Sales Revenue from New B2B Lead Generation Program

Developed market strategy and implemented company’s first B2B inbound marketing program for sales teams delivering $500,000+ in closed revenue through leveraging internal prospect data and executing content marketing, landing page optimization, webinars and newsletters.

Grew and Sustained Sales-Ready Leads per Month by 73%

“Next Leap Strategy knows B2B inbound marketing. I was really impressed by how quickly Kevin identified our market and audience needs. Like a Swiss army knife, he expertly executed an integrated lead generation plan that spanned across new marketing infrastructure, redesigned website, brand messaging and identity, improved email and content marketing and SEM/SEO strategies to build out our marketing funnel. Next Leap Strategy not only advises but ENABLES businesses to achieve growth.” — Chris Powell, CEO – Talmetrix

Improved Prospect to Sales-Ready Lead Conversion from 0.2% to 7%

Through implementing an effective lead nurturing program, Next Leap Strategy was able to significantly improve the conversion rate of prospects (who downloaded thoght leadership content) to sales-ready leads (requested a demo from sales) from the current 0.2% to 7%. The client’s sales team loved this outcome!

Hired and Coached High Performance Marketing Team to Deliver “Impressive Results”

“Kevin is an exceptional marketer and business leader. He keenly understands how to generate demand, measure results through smart KPIs and optimize for returns. He builds and develops outstanding marketing programs. In addition to solid marketing skills and strong business leadership, Kevin is a passionate, enthusiastic executive who focuses on delivering high quality performance and coaching his clients to superior results.” — Stephan Veith, Market Leader, VP and Publisher

Achieved 27% YoY Traffic Growth from Audience Development for B2B Media

Developed and implemented an enterprise-wide search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that generated year-over-year results of 27% visitor and page view growth (more than 1.2 million visits/month and over 4 million page views/month) while adjusting strategies to effectively manage through Google’s relentless algorithm updates.

Gained $120,000+ Incremental Revenue Growth through Unique Product Concept and Launch

Developed concept and launched a new pre-workshop program ahead of a large B2B conference that contributed new revenue growth in the first-year of $120,000 at a significant profit margin. Positioned conference as an education channel to extend the purpose and justification for attendees to attend the larger conference and trade show.

From 0% to 6.6% E-Commerce Conversion Rate Improvement in 5 Months

Launched a new e-commerce business and grew product sales conversion rate from 0% to a consistent and sustainable 6.6% over the first 5-month period. The company continues to generate substantial sales many years post-launch.

Reduced Ad Budget Waste in Paid Search by 36%

With rising pay-per-click costs, a B2B client engaged us to take over management and optimization of their paid search program. We developed strategic landing pages, re-organized ad structure and developed stronger buyer-focused ad messaging. Combined, the new strategy succeeded in reducing cost per lead by 36% while increasing overall lead volume.

Increased Website Conversion by More than 70%

In collaboration with the B2B client, the team built a new “buyer-first“ website with clearer brand messaging, stronger call-to-actions tied to the buyer’s journey and improved conversion rate optimization practices. The result was a 70% site-wide conversion rate increase of prospect sign-ups.

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