“Only 22% of sales teams have the right sales strategy.”

That’s a startling stat according to a study by SBI.

Unfortunately the other 77% have the wrong or are completely missing a sales strategy.

What are the vast majority of sales teams doing wrong who have a sales strategies? 

(1) Using the same sales strategy as their competitors. No differentiation forces buyers to compare based on price.

(2) Failing to align with the buyer’s needs. Selling the product versus helping the buyer satisfy their functional, social, and emotional pains and gains.

(3) Employing sales tactics “masquerading” as strategies. Marketers often get this wrong too with silver-bullet thinking for driving demand.

What are the 22% getting right? 

One major focus of the 22% is “selling value, not price.” A consultative, trusted adviser sales strategy that supports buyers along their buyer’s journey.

This approach requires sales and marketing teams to:

(1) Develop a clear understanding of the buyer’s environment

(2) Understand the true value of your product or services from the buyer’s point of view

(3) Create a sales strategy that differentiates you from your competitors (differentiation on value proposition, positioning & core messaging)