“When sales and marketing teams are in sync, companies became 67% better at closing deals.” [Marketo]

Good news. But how should a B2B company sync sales and marketing?

What about implementing these:

  • Organizational structure change?
  • Implement an SLA between the teams?
  • Share revenue goals and KPIs?
  • Establish weekly sync meetings between the teams?
  • Co-create the buyer’s journey and connected marketing and sales processes?

Is it unrealistic to suggest all five since a 67% increase in more effectively closing deals is on the line?

A mindset change is required too.

Some B2B companies assume if marketing reports to sales greater effectiveness will occur. I haven’t seen this happen. Instead, marketing tends to suffocate. Sales and marketing operate with different mindsets, especially in traditional industries like manufacturing.

In rare circumstances, a sales leader possess a marketer’s mindset. As consultative selling (trusted advisor) takes hold, more sales leaders may adopt a buyer- first mindset. But, until then, I don’t suggest marketing report to sales.

Other B2B executives are rolling up Marketing and Sales under a CRO or COO. A leader with the right mindset who implements the other four mechanisms above will make this work.

Get more from your marketing and sales teams when they work together! Contact Kevin to explore a workshop to help build alignment.