80% of buying decisions involve a VP at some stage, but only 10% of CRM opportunities include an engaged VP [source: CORPORATE VISIONS].

Is your B2B sales team considering and, even further, connecting with all of the influencers and decision makers (the buying group) within your prospects’ organizations?

Unfortunately, it’s common that key influencers are not engaged in the buying process — until it’s too late. How often has your sales team arrived at the agreement stage in the sales process and a VP (or C-level) unexpectedly stepped in and derailed the opportunity?  

What’s the solution?

Map out the buying journey and the individuals typically involved in the buying process. What roles do each of these individual’s play? You may not get the buying journey perfect but “NOTICING” will help inform your sales process development. Learn over time and update the buyer’s journey as required.

As a sales leader – don’t get blind-sided. Leverage your CRM data to identify the key players and develop a sales strategy to address each one proactively with the right message and the best supporting information to move each one past their buying barriers (pains, challenges, goals.)

In today’s digital environment, there should be no excuse for failing to engage each influencer and buyer in the sales process.  You may still lose an opportunity but at least it won’t come as a shocking surprise.