Historically, the marketing channel and content selection process was driven by a “best-guess” approach.

In almost every case, marketers worked with publishers to identify media whose purpose was to attract a target audience. Marketers would purchase advertising, email blasts, customized media placements, sponsorships, and other offerings to reach their target audience with the hope of gaining awareness.

The thinking was that the larger the audience of potential buyers, the better. Mass coverage was the rule since standard metrics of 3 percent CTRs on email or 0.1 percent on banner ad clicks required volume to produce any sizable demand.

Simply put, marketers needed to increase the amount of “hay” to improve their odds of finding more needles in the haystack.

This approach employed hope as the strategy—HOPE the publisher could deliver the intended buyers.

Today, buyer expectations are changing, and intent data is positioning B2B organizations to meet those expectations in their content, according to Demand Gen Report.

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