“80% of organizations believed they delivered a “superior experience” to their customers; however, only 8% of customers felt the same way.”

This frightening seller/buyer perception gap was uncovered by Bain which it described as the “delivery gap.”

Further revealing, “almost 65% of prospective B2B buyers walk away after multiple touch-points with a company frustrated by inconsistent experiences.”

If you start with your target buyer in mind and build backwards into brand communications and identity then into content and channels, it becomes much more possible to gain alignment.

Driving message consistency across departments as companies grow becomes a greater challenge. On the flip side, enforcing internal compliance on branding guidelines and message platform can also create painstaking bottlenecks.

Regardless, internal teams including sales, marketing, customer success and product, must work together to provide relevant and consistent experiences for buyers. After all, it’s the buyers that afford the opportunity for these teams to continue in their roles. Assess your marketing and sales process from the buyer’s perspective. Is it disjointed from one step to the next? Are there conflicting messages? Do win/loss analysis to gain your buyers’ views.