If you care about increasing organic traffic (via SEO) to your B2B company website through Google, then you should pay attention to SEMRush’s updated ranking factors report.

Some interesting takeaways…

(1) The top factor is direct website visits. This clearly plays towards the importance of building awareness for your brand and with offline marketing driving online activities from your buyers. 

(2) Engagement factors on your website including time on site, pages per session (depth of visit) and bounce rate are the next top factors. Buyer experience matters and, at this point, if you are not mobile-first – you have serious challenges ahead.

(3) Referring urls and backlinks are top factors behind #1 and #2 above. 

(4) Securing your website via https is important as a ranking factor especially for competitive keywords. Even if you are not in a competitive keyword market, it seems as though you could leapfrog your competition simply by moving to a secure website.

There are 17 factors in total listed in the report

It’s important to note that all variables are inter-related and tie into a core theme – creating a great experience for your buyers.  As with all B2B marketing and sales, you must start with the buyer and build out from there into content, channels, marketing and sales strategies. The most successful (aka business growth strategies) integrate multiple channels using a consistent and relevant message platform  targeted to your ideal buyers.