A recent Demand Gen Report uncovered the top priorities for B2Bmarketers in 2018.


The top two demand generation priorities for B2B marketers for 2018 per a DemandGen Report are:

  1. Focusing on lead quality over lead quantity
  2. Improving conversion rates and campaign results

Excellent priorities. Let’s break these down.

Prioritizing lead quality is more indicative of marketing tech advancements than a shift in strategy. All demand generation focuses on attracting and engaging the right buyers. The challenge has been with precision.

Traditionally, marketers had to play a numbers game, a ”spray-and-pray” approach. Attract a lot of leads, filter out the low-quality ones and hope a percent matches the lead qualifications. This is often the case with content marketing and SEO. Unless hard work is applied to plan out these strategies well, the visitors attracted through these channels are more or less qualified. Potentially high levels of waste and inefficiency.

For example, a B2B company had recently spent time and resources to build a world-class blog. It succeeded in generating tens of thousands of visitors every month to the company’s website. All in all, an impressive result. The problem? Only a very small percentage of the visitors were actual buyers that were interested in the company’s product. Most B2B companies experience similar situations, yet probably with a lot fewer website visitors. Their challenge is two-fold: (1) producing the right content that engages the right buyers at the right time and (2) inserting the right content into the right placesthe places where these buyers are actually searching for it.

The advancement in data quality and a lower cost to access it enables modern marketers to increase precision. An increase in precision drives engagement with the right buyer that matches lead qualifications thus requiring lower lead quantities. The match rate is closer to 100% with much less waste. Theoretically-speaking (since human behavior is seldom 100% predictable), if every prospect matches the target buyer profile eventually with the right messaging, timing and nurturing, they’ll buy.

Greater precision inherently improves relevance, which improves conversion rates and campaign results. Assuming, again, the target buyer is engaged across their buying journey with the right (a.k.a. relevant, timely, high value) messaging, tools, trusted guidance and nurturing.

)ll of which ties back to an incredibly important point – how well do you know your buyer? It drives everything.

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